Hello people!
If you’re reading my post then that means you’re interested in sewing…  Well then you’re on the right site.


My website blog is as simple as it can be! That is, it’s all about learning how to sew basic dresses.


If you’re a lover of fashion, dresses, fabric, creativity, designing, drawing/sketching et all,  this Web page is exactly for you!!


Are you a full time mom/housewife, student, worker? And would really love to sew for yourself, your kids, even make a simple blouse to wear under that dress suit? Then being on this Web blog is just for you…


Okay, so u have a piece of fabric lying around, staring you in the face, poping up at you from your wardrobe and your thinking, ‘how I wish I could just make that simple blouse  saw on TV with it’  then you realise tailors will charge you so much for that simple blouse, the economic situation now won’t even let you dress trendy mtcheww, tailors will tell you they can’t use 2 yards of your already used fabric to make you a dress or you simply don’t have time to visit the dressmaker OUCH!



I’m pleased and delighted to have you here. It’s strictly DIY  and I’m going too help out with my little experience in dressmaking.


You can use this site as a stepping stone to enrolling into a proper fashion school. (hope to open mine soon).


Okay let’s cut the long story short and go straight to the business of today.


Our first stop for today is the basic tools you need to get.