Okay so we are on to the next one on how to sew: sleeve measurements. 

    Sleeves are a part of a dress that covers the arm. There’s really no biggie to taking sleeve measurements, I think it’s the easiest part  of all. . 

    Here’s how to take sleeve measurements:


    horizontal measurements :

    1. Arm hole circumference: measured around the shoulder and armpit. 
    2. Sleeve width: measured around the upper arm. 
    3. Sleeve width elbow : measured around the elbow. 
    4. Sleeve width wrist: measured around the wrist. 

    Vertical measurements:

         5Sleeve length : measured from the shoulder to upper arm. 

         6. Sleeve length elbow: measured from shoulder to elbow. 

         7. Sleeve length wrist: measured from shoulder to wrist. 

    Please view attached picture to better understand the measurements. 

    A sleeve length measurement that stops at (2) means that you are measuring for short sleeves, a sleeve length measurement that stops at (3) means you’re measuring for elbow length sleeves while, a sleeve length measurement that stops at (4) means you’re measuring for long sleeves.   

    I hope this helps. 


    kindly post comments below, ask questions and make contributions.

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