Well,  hello today!  Happy Monday yall!! Today has been kinda hectic for me.  But thanks to a simple DIY detox bath recipe I stumbled upon while reading some other blog. I gave it a try and It helped me have a stress free day today. 


    One bad thing also happened to me today too! I MISSED AN INTERVIEW!! I forgot!… Julian if you are reading this,  I’M SORRY! couldn’t make it to the interview. I had soo much to do today. I totally forgot. 

    OK ok, back to the business of today HOW TO SEW: SKIRT MEASUREMENTS. 

    Skirts are one of the simplest garments to make (my view). It covers the lower part of the body and is mostly worn by women.. 

    There are a variety of skirt designs like the :

    • pencil skirt, 
    • flaired skirt,
    •  pleated skirt,
    •  maxi skirts, 
    • mini skirts,
    •  knicker skirts,
    •  straight long skirts (with or without slits)
    •  high waist skirts,
    •  uneven length skirts and soo much more, depending on your inspiration and the type of skirt design you want to sew. 

    View skirts I made for my client⬇

    Long maxi skirt. ⬆

    Knee length pleated skirt ⬆

    Don’t  forget to view attached photo. So you can have a visual understanding of what you are measuring

    Horizontal measurements (skirt) ➡

    1. Waist circumference /width :measured around the waist at the navel. 
    2. Hip circumference /width: measured around the hips. 

    Vertical measurements (skirt) ⬇

    1. Band length: measures how wide you want the band to be. 
    2. Waist to hip length : measured from waist to hip 
    3. Waist to knee: measured from waist down the knee. 
    4. Skirt length : measured from waist to desired skirt length. 

    Pls view attached photo to correspond numbers to appropriate body part. ⬇

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