Yawn. … And Monday is here again! Sigh! Work begins on Monday! I’m soo soo tired wish the weekend could last forever. But,  oh well, it’s another day to also be creative. 

Although my weekend was a busy one. It can’t stop me from sewing haha! 

So back to our weekday post for the week. 

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I’m sure everyone is familiar with a blouse. It’s an integral part of the female dress style. It is worn at the upper part of the female body (it’s not a bra). 

OK this blog post is made up of some simple sketches and iv tried to make this blouse pattern cutting as simple as can be with step by step guides.  It is the basic sleeveless blouse. 

Now let’s begin😁

Let’s imagine this is the fabric⬇

Then you’ll check for the widest horizontal measurement you’ve taken. For some people it’s their bust while some have larger hips or waist. Select the widest and divide by 4, And fold your fabric to the largest horizontal measurement you’ve divided by 4

(bust 40/4=10). Remember to add a extra inch for seam allowance. ⬇

After you’ve  folded you need to start using the measurements you’ve taken to cut out the blouse patterns. 

View pattern photo below⬇

Please note that numbers on the photo are from HERE and HERE 


  • Measure blouse length on fabric and mark with tailors chalk. 
  • Measure neck depth and mark  on fabric. 
  • Measure arm hole (length).  I usually use 9″ for adults, it can be altered to your desire.
  • Measure shoulder length (long) and mark . 
  • Measure shoulder length (short) and mark .
  • Draw horizontal lines to meet with vertical lines for the armhole and neck depth. View photo above⬆
  • Mark out 1″  curves from the angle 90 of the armhole and neck depth. (curved stencils can be used). 
  • Measure and mark out all the vertical measurements on tour fabric. 
  • Measure and mark out all the horizontal measurements on your fabric. 
  • Dont forget to add and extra inch for seam allowance and extra 2″ at the below bust horizontal measurement to allow for darts. 
  • Draw a faint line with your tailors chalk from mid shoulder length (short) all the way down. And draw out darts with half an inch on either side. The darts are drawn from bust to waist.  View photo above to understand better.⬆
  • Make ¹/²” from shoulder length (short) to make a slant. 

To cut out back side pattern:

Just place your already cut out front side pattern  on new fabric remember to add an extra inch for zipper or buttons and with your tailors chalk. Mark out the pattern and cut out. 

Make the back side neck depth about 3″ deep, it can also be as you desire. Then cut out the curved pattern just like you did for the front. 

View photo below. ⬇

This is what your pattern should look like⬇

NB: You can do this pattern cutting on your brown paper, newspaper or unused calenders, after cutting out the patterns you can then mark out the patterns on whatever fabric you plan to use. So you won’t waste fabric. 
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