Hello people! 

Sequel to my last post,  today we will identify items needed to start sewing. 

These are basic stuff you will need for basic sewing and for the sake of doing it right I will divide them into 5 basic categories which are:


For this you’ll need a ruler and a tape-rule. 

To get a tape measure Click Singer 96-Inch Extra Long Tape Measure  


This is the act of marking measurements on fabric. And the basic item needed here is tailors’chalk. 


This is the process of cutting out already marked measurements on fabric. You will be using just a pair of scissors (big size). 


This category entails ironing all your cut out pieces and patterns. For easy sewing together. 


This category includes all the items you’ll use in joining pieces together. They include sewing pins, sewing needles,needle threader, bobbins, safety pins and of course a sewing machine.

You can use this time to gather up all you’ll need to start learning the basics of sewing. 

Some other extra essentials you’ll need are: 

  • Brown paper: for pattern cutting
  • Pencils: for drawing sketches and taking measurements. 
  • A jotter:for jotting points. And of course… 
  • Fabric. 

🆕My next post will be about taking measurements 

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