Hey people! I hope you enjoyed and practiced on my last post how to sew: pattern cutting (blouse) HERE


The post for today is about sleeves. 

Sleeves are a part of a dress that covers the arm. For people who don’t like exposing their arms, a dress with sleeves will be just right. 

There are various types of sleeves with different designs, some examples are:

  1. Short sleeves 
  2. Elbow length sleeves 
  3. Long sleeves 
  4. Bell sleeves 
  5. Cap sleeves 
  6. Overlap sleeves 
  7. Puffed sleeves 

And many more, just to mention a few .But today I will be sharing about how to sew: pattern cutting for basic sleeves.


Click here for sleeve measurements HERE

With this sample, you can use your imagination and sense of creativity to develop any kind of design of sleeve you want. 
Now let’s start 

How to sew: pattern cutting (sleeves) 

Step by step guide.⬇ 

  1. Place you fabric on a flat surface. 
  2. Get your measurements. 
  3. Fold your fabric, like you did when making pattern for blouse. Using the widest part of your measurements (usually the upper arm). 
  4. Measure and Mark all your vertical sleeve measurements. 
  5. Measure and Mark all your horizontal sleeve measurements. 
  6. Remember to add an extra inch to all your horizontal sleeve measurements and also the longest vertical sleeve measurement for facing/turn up. 
  7. Draw a slant line from top of shoulder to upper arm horizontal measurement. The length of the slant should be half of arm hole circumference i.e if arm hole circumference is 18, then the slant will be 9inches.
  8. Draw a curve above and below the slant line. 
  9. Connect all your markings and cut out your sleeve pattern. 

Your sleeve is ready. You can now attach to the blouse

View photo below to get a pictorial description⬇