Hey guys! 

Hope you enjoyed my last blog post….  Due to popular demand iv created a post specially for items purchase. You can now order or pre order some of your sewing items here…. Is this soooo convenient? MOBILE TAILOR  is making sewing soo easy you don’t have to stress out. You need  sewing stuff? Then this is the right place for you.


  • Rotary cutter :makes cutting difficult curves easy. view product      
  • Cutting mat: can be placed over your table when your ready to cut. Aids easy gliding of scissors when cutting. click to view 
  • Ribbons : you can use to beautify and accessorize your sewing projects. click to view. 
  • Sewing machine: oh Land! Is there anything better than this easy to use brother sewing machine?  Perfect for begginers with 27 stitches, 6 presser feet, can make button holes! Ver durable and light  weight. 2 brands I love in sewing machines are singer and brother. click here to view and another smaller portable sewing machine, cheaper too view product another singer sewing machine view product
  • Mannequin :get these beautiful mannequins so you can see how the dresses you’ve made look view mannequin 
  • Fabric: red and while polka dot view fabric or check here for other fabrics. African fabrics will soon be added. 

    You can also post a comment for other sewing item you need and would want to purchase.