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Join SwissGolden Nigeria

Swissgolden is not a Gold Mining Company neither do they manufacture Gold (NOTE) They only Buy and Sell, Its an Online Shop, Just like going to a gold shop to buy gold. Swissgolden is a company that buys and sells gold bullion bars for individuals like you and I which can be used in making gold jewelries or as reserve for a rainy day like the one the world is experiencing due to d fall in CRUDE OIL. Countries like China and USA do buy this bullion gold bars as reserve due to its value and that’s why this countries doesn’t really experience economic recessions. COMPANY NAME : Swissgolden Corporation

Swissgolden deals only with “24Carats Gold Bars” the purest & finest in the world with 999.9% purity. These bullion bars are in different weights & sizes ranging btw 1grm-100grms.

SwissGolden Nigeria works with internationally renowned companies such as UBS, one of the most important financial centers in Switzerland and UK. They are also in partnership with Argor, Heraus, Valcambi, Umicore and Metalor Technologies. These companies are the best manufacturer of gold bullions in the world.

It has a marketing program in which anyone can participate with a minimum investment of money and make a huge profit in gold bullion.

Swissgolden business opportunity is designed for entrepreneurs. Swiss golden trades in investment gold bars(not jewelry). Investment gold bars are 24 karats of the purest 999.9 gold from respectable refineries in Germany, Switzerland, Russia. The Gold is kept in United Bank Of Swaziland.

Why investing in Gold?
Value never drops, it doesn’t expire, difficult to destroy, its respected, desired,its universal, its an asset which can be sold even in banks. Its definitely worth having.
Swiss Golden was incorporated 2012 in British Virgin Island with head quarters in London

What the company offers;
You can buy gold bars and keep as assets,you can buy 1-100g bars
For entrepreneurs u can build a lucrative business by buying the gold bar and also get others to buy too from Swiss Golden. And that’s where we come in.

The business model:
Its based on a 7 cell table of orders of Preliminary,MainVIP and VIP plus.
Below are the initial investments and bonuses for particular tables.

Preliminary: inv is €220 and bonus is €800
Main: inv is €720 and bonus is €7000 ( has 3 tables)
VIP , inv is €2800 and bonus is €28000(also 3 tables)
VIP plus , inv is €9850 and bonus is €98000.

  • 1. Preliminary Main Table 220€ = N140,000.00 (1 Table) bonus to be earned 800€ & thats used to buy your next level, €720 will be deducted to place you on the main table
  • 2. Main Table 720€ = N450,000.00 Consist of 3 tables.(faster to start via main)? Bonus to be earned is 7000€ = 3.6m Paid in 3 installments, 2100€ (1,100,000) × 3…the 3rd time your 700€ (start up capital) will be refunded to make 2800€
  • 3. Preliminary VIP Table 1050€ = N655,000.00 (1 Table) just like the first Prelim table. Bonus to be earned is 4000€, 2800 will be deducted to place you on the VIP table
  • 4. VIP Table 2800€ (3Table) Total Bonus to be earned is 27500€ paid in three instalment of €8250(N4,600,000)
  • 5. Preliminary VIP PLUS 3550€ (1 Table) Bonus to be earned is 14000€, €9800 will be deducted to place you on the VIP PLUS table
  • 6. VIP PLUS Table 9800€ Bonus to be earned 98000€


All that you require is to start from preliminary or main tables at €220 or €720 respectively. The investment to subsequent tables will be deducted from earnings from previous tables. you are also allowed to have more than one order.

All you  need to qualify for the bonus is  referring a minimum just two (2) people to Swissgolden.
So think about the potential of Swissgolden….Remember you are not alone on the table and Everyone works to close the table because its the ultimate goal.

So be a Swissgolden partner today and order your gold at €220 To join the preliminary table or at €720 to join a main table.

You can have your bonus in gold bars sent to you via courier, or you can resell to the company and it pays you the € into your euro domiciliary account. The company can also keep the gold for you as safe keep in the Swiss Bank at a monthly fee of 0.1% of the gold’s value
Or we can use our bonus to buy coupons used to activate new customers orders. The customers pay you in naira and you give then the coupon code to activate their account.
Or you can request a MasterCard credit card and have the money transferred onto it.

You select a contract table and place your order by making payment. That is when you become a partner/customer of SwissGolden International. Your order will be placed on a 7 cel table of orders. The table of orders contains 3 Levels. Every new registration is placed on
level 1. You move through Level 1-3.
Level 3 is where you get paid. It is possible to get to level 3 before introducing new client/customers. Any customer who fails to introduce two clients before the table fills up will be pushed out of the table and will have to start all over from level 1. In other to qualify and get the bonus reward on any table you must introduce two clients for any contract you invest.golden1

We discovered that a lot of people want to join, but all have the fear of getting two (2  down lines, so our team has decided to help, Once you pay your N140,000 For the registration, We will get you 2 down lines for just N20,000, This means to join the preliminary table on our team, you have to pay N160,000 that includes the N20,000 for your 2 downlines or you Join with your N140,000 Note: you have to bring your downlines Yourself.
Note: The N20,000 + N140,000 Package is for the preliminary table only, Determine the table of orders, have your money ready

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