Hello people!!  It’s another learning session again today. I’ll be sharing on how to make pleated skirts. 

For those who’ve been waiting patiently for my next post on HOW TO SEW, We’ll,  this is it and th wait is over. It’s actually not my fault really cos iv been BUSY!  Christmas is around the corner and as the norm in NIGERIA, clients have started their December rush. 

But, I will never forget you!! 

So, now it’s time to take out your sewing kit. 


  1. Tape measure 
  2. Tailors’chalk 
  3. Scissors 
  4. Pins 
  5. Soft stay
  6. Hook or buttons
  7. Lining (for see through or light fabric) 
  8. Thread
  9. Sewing machine
  10. FABRIC 


  1. Take measurements 
  2. You’ll need to know your desired skirt length and waist circumference. 
  3. Place fabric on a flat surface
  4. Mark out your desired skirt length from your measurement chart using the tailors’chalk. 
  5. Depending on how full you want your Pleats, you need to multiply your waist circumference by 2 for moderate pleats or multiply by 3 or more for more fuller pleats. (horizontal measurements). Therefore if your waist circumference is 30, you need to multiply by 2. Which will give you 60 inches. So you’ll cut out horizontal waist circumference of 60 inches.. 
  6. Next you cut out the skirt using your marked out waist circumference (horizontal measurement)  and desired skirt length plus 2 inches for inseam sewing allowance at the bottom (vertical measurement). 
  7. Next you cut out the band by measuring  your exact waist circumference measurements  plus extra 4 inches for Overlap where you’ll attach the hook or buttons and desired band length. 
  8. So you cut out waist circumference of 30 inches(I used 30 earlier) and band length of 3 inches plus 1= 4inches considering  inseam of ½inch on either side. 
  9. Join all pieces together as seen below⬇
  10. Attach your hook,  buttons or  press button to the extra Overlap for the band. And attach a zipper below the Overlap on the skirt. 

There you have it! Beautiful pleated skirt just like this⬇

Send photos of skirts you’ve done yourself. Don’t forget to comment for questions and contributions.