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Taking full body measurements 

Taking full body measurements  Here's a pictorial view of how to take full body measurements.  Very useful for beginners.  This is the first step in making dresses.  Practice makes perfect. 


How to sew: pattern cutting (sleeves) 

Hey people! I hope you enjoyed and practiced on my last post how to sew: pattern cutting (blouse) HERE "> The post for today is about sleeves.  Sleeves are a part of a dress that covers the arm. For people who... Continue Reading →


Skirts are one of the simplest garments to make (my view). It covers the lower part of the body and is mostly worn by women.

How to sew: Taking sleeve measurements. 

Sleeves are a part of a dress that covers the arm. There's really no biggie to taking sleeve measurements, I think it's the easiest part  of all. . 

How to sew: Taking Measurements  

Hi guys!  Sorry for the little delay in publishing this post. I had a project I was working on,  I had to make some dresses for a retail shop. I made about 6 pieces of a particular style. I'll post... Continue Reading →

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