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More tips and tricks 4:keep on looking good!!! 

​MOBILE TAILOR wont forget to drop more useful tips and tricks to enhance your wardrobe style..... 4 Dress to flatter your top half.  Depending on your body type, this could be the difficult or easy part.  If you tend to... Continue Reading →


More tips and tricks 2

 Tip: bras are measured according to your upper waist circumference (just below your breasts) and your breast/cup size, so when you see a bra of size 32A, it simply means waist is 32inches and breast cup size is A(small breast)

Tips and tricks: For a more beautiful you!!! 

As a fashion designer /dressmaker a lot for my clients have brought fabrics to me and asked the million dollar question: WHAT STYLE SHOULD I MAKE WITH THIS FABRIC and they continue by adding 'my thighs are too large, I want to style that won't  accentuate my thighs or my arms are flabby etc. . .'

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